How to help your solar system get a boost

How to install solar panels on your home, business or office to protect your solar panel from the sun.article What is a solar photovoltaic panel?Solar panels are a type of light emitting device that can generate electricity from the incoming sunlight to power a home, a business or even power your home and businesses from


How to save your home solar security lights

In January 2017, the Solar Security Light program was shut down.Since then, there’s been a renewed interest in the product, but some people are wary of the installation process.According to the Solar Protection Group, the installation of solar security lighting is more expensive than traditional installation.It’s also not the best option for solar installation.In addition,


How solar security lights can make you safer

Google has launched an app that makes it easier for solar security workers to know when they need to take extra precautions to protect their equipment.The app, which is available for Android and iOS, lets solar security technicians track the status of their equipment using real-time data gathered by solar security software.“Solar security is one