Kaspersky Lab to install a full-scale antivirus suite on top of its security software, complete with a full suite of security features

Kasperski Lab, the world’s largest antivirus vendor, is making the world a safer place with its antivirus solution for Windows PCs.The company, which is backed by Intel, said Tuesday that it will install a fully-fledged antivirus on top its security suite.The move follows the introduction last year of an antivirus package called AV-Test, which Kaspersk


How to use Google security to get a security job

It’s been a rough year for cybersecurity jobs. A year ago, US government officials warned that the country’s cyber infrastructure was in serious decline and that cyberattacks on US critical infrastructure were on the rise. “We have not seen a major cyberattack in over a decade,” the National Institute of Standards and Technology said at the time. This year, the


Why we have to protect our own jobs

What if security guards don’t do their jobs?What if they are not trained in the proper ways?What about a system that lets employers take a security guard’s badge away?Or a system where a security employee is not required to go through a background check before they can work?These are some of the questions posed in


What you need to know about US-Russia ties

Russian President Vladimir Putin has said he would not tolerate any US interference in his country’s elections, and Russia’s security council has approved a new plan to boost the countrys cyber defense capabilities, but US President Donald Trump has dismissed the plan as an empty gesture.Russia’s President Vladimir Tsakhiagiyan speaks during a meeting with the


How to watch the National Security Movie, a documentary about the history of US drone warfare and the future of US policy

We’re at a tipping point, in which US drone strikes have become the norm, and US military spending has skyrocketed.We’re watching the film that’s being made about it.It’s called The Drone Wars, and it’s being produced by the nonprofit group The Intercept.The Intercept has been fighting the National Endowment for Democracy (NED), the nonprofit organization

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