Android security issues are back, but new security updates are on track to fix them


Android security flaws are back in the news, but the latest security patches are on the way to help fix them.

In a blog post on Google’s blog, Google’s security team said that there are currently 1,946 Android security vulnerabilities, of which 4,716 have been fixed since last October, when Google first began to release security patches.

But Google said it was aware of an increase in Android vulnerabilities, which is “expected to slow down” as the company is working on a new version of Android.

Google also said it had rolled out the Android security updates for its Pixel phones, and the company said that Pixel owners had been able to update their phones in the meantime.

Google is updating Android in stages to fix a number of security flaws that it said were being exploited by cyber criminals, but this is the first time the company has done so for its flagship devices.

While there are some Android vulnerabilities that can be fixed, Android is still a platform that users have to trust and that the companies security team has to keep in mind when they are updating the operating system.

Google’s security post was written after it released a set of security patches for the latest version of the Android operating system, which was first released in September 2017.

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