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A winter wonderland is being created around the north of England as temperatures rise.

A series of cold fronts have formed in the north-east of England, with temperatures falling into the teens in some areas.

This weekend will see the coldest possible temperature in the region, and the snowfall is expected to hit a record low.

However, the weather is not all bad, with the region has a number of high-visibility areas with many high-rise buildings in the area.

Snowfall is predicted for Saturday and Sunday with temperatures expected to reach a record-low of -4C (0F) by Sunday morning.

Here are some things to watch for in the early hours of Sunday:The weather has been good for snowmobiles in the past and many people have taken to the roads for the first time in months.

The last time we saw snow in London was in December 2015, when snowfall reached an astonishing 20cm (6in).

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