Kaspersky Lab to install a full-scale antivirus suite on top of its security software, complete with a full suite of security features


Kasperski Lab, the world’s largest antivirus vendor, is making the world a safer place with its antivirus solution for Windows PCs.

The company, which is backed by Intel, said Tuesday that it will install a fully-fledged antivirus on top its security suite.

The move follows the introduction last year of an antivirus package called AV-Test, which Kaspersk says is similar to the Windows Defender AntiVirus Suite.

The company is also releasing a full antivirus app for Windows 10.

While the Kasperskovsky antivirus is a stand-alone suite, it includes all the core security features of the Windows 10 security suite, including a suite of antivirus tools that can help protect against threats like ransomware, botnets, and spear phishing attacks.

The Kasperskin software is also designed to work with other third-party antivirus solutions, such as Avast.

While Kasperska is the first to deploy a fully fledged antivirus, the company has previously worked with Microsoft on antivirus packages for other operating systems, such the Windows 7, 8, and 10 editions of Windows.

Kaspersky, which acquired the antivirus technology firm Sophos in 2011, has been the target of a number of recent cyberattacks, including one last year that left a dozen of its employees dead in a ransomware attack.

The attack was believed to have been carried out by the Chinese state-sponsored cyberattack group.

Klaus Stucken, a senior vice president at Kaspersko, said the KSR-1 program will enable Kaspersks customers to enjoy the benefits of a full set of antiviruses without having to download additional software.

The new program will also allow Kasperskins customers to install additional protection to protect their computers from ransomware attacks.

The Kaspers KSR program also includes a number more security features, such a suite that can detect the presence of viruses on a system and recommend actions to stop them.

Kaspersker also announced a new, more secure way to protect Windows and Windows-based IoT devices by making use of hardware-grade cryptographic protection.KSR-3, the next generation of the Kspora software, is a new security suite that will be integrated into the company’s Kspora antivirus.

Ksporas software has already been installed on more than 40 million PCs.

The first version of the suite, Ksporter, launched in October 2016, and was widely praised for its robust security and usability features.KSA has since expanded its product offerings, including the Kdrama platform for creating and managing web pages and the KSA Web browser for managing Ksgorad sites.

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