What you need to know about US-Russia ties


Russian President Vladimir Putin has said he would not tolerate any US interference in his country’s elections, and Russia’s security council has approved a new plan to boost the countrys cyber defense capabilities, but US President Donald Trump has dismissed the plan as an empty gesture.

Russia’s President Vladimir Tsakhiagiyan speaks during a meeting with the heads of the Russian Federation’s security agencies in Moscow, Russia, October 13, 2020.

The US president has accused Russia of meddling in the election and suggested it might attempt to influence the outcome.

Russian President Vladimir Vladimir Putin shakes hands with members of the Security Council after signing the agreement on strengthening the Russian defence industry and cyber defence on November 11, 2021, in Moscow.

In a statement on Thursday, Russia’s President said the Kremlin was “committed to maintaining the security of our countrys people and infrastructure”, and said that it was committed to working with the US “to safeguard the interests of our people and our territories”.

The statement said the US has agreed to strengthen Russia’s cyber defence capabilities and to “promote the development of the cyber defence and information systems of the country”.

The two sides also agreed to work together on “the strengthening of Russia’s nuclear deterrence”.

Russia is building its own cyber defences to deter and counter cyber attacks, it said, while also establishing a joint cyber defense centre to help the US improve its own defence capabilities.

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