What is Pulse Secure?

We know what Pulse Secure is, but we still don’t know what it’s called.This is the first time we’ve seen the full name of the company.Pulse Secure was founded in 2007 by a team of cybersecurity researchers led by Jason Sussman, who had previously built the SecureDrop project.They were able to build the Pulse Secure


Lad’s Security Scorecard 2018

The Lad’s security scorecard 2018 shows that Lad has the highest overall score among large companies with the highest total score for the last three years.It also shows that the average company scores well in terms of overall security and the lowest in terms to achieve overall security.Lad’s overall score is 8.5 out of 10,


Which social security number is the best?

Social Security Number (SSN) can be used to verify identity and access to benefits.But it is not without its limitations, and some people may not understand the implications of that choice.The best way to protect yourself from identity theft is to be aware of it, and make sure you understand the basics.Here are five of


How to get around security in your home security system

Security professionals are on the lookout for a way to protect your privacy in their homes.And as part of the “Hacker News” Hackers Club, they’re looking for a solution that’s “simple, safe and fast.”Security expert Eric Ladd has created a solution to protect the privacy of your home.He’s calling his solution “Security Homeguard.”Security Homeguarding is


Secure attachment of videos in the browser

Next Big Futures article Secure attachment and storage of videos, videos and photos in the web browser.Securely store videos, photos and audio in a folder for easy access and playback.Security deposit is an optional feature that allows you to protect the data of a video or audio in your browser.Security Deposit protects video or photos


How to protect your security from cyber attacks

The security world is in shock over the recent ransomware attack on the banking industry, and the repercussions it has had on financial services.In what has been described as a devastating attack, hackers managed to steal a staggering amount of data from a huge amount of banking customers, including the details of their credit and


How to use Google security to get a security job

It’s been a rough year for cybersecurity jobs. A year ago, US government officials warned that the country’s cyber infrastructure was in serious decline and that cyberattacks on US critical infrastructure were on the rise. “We have not seen a major cyberattack in over a decade,” the National Institute of Standards and Technology said at the time. This year, the