How to get your mobile phone’s camera working again


If you’re using your mobile camera on a daily basis, you may have noticed a strange thing happening.

Your phone’s wireless security camera isn’t working.

It’s not working at all. 

“If you’re not on a mobile phone, there’s no signal,” says Ben Williams, chief executive of security camera supplier T-Mobile.

“You won’t see it, but the camera is on.

If you have a camera on your wrist, you will see it.” 

But what’s going on? 

“I’ve had people say, ‘I’ve got this strange thing on my wrist’,” he adds. 

If you have an Android phone, you’ll have noticed the same thing.

“I have one on my hand that I have on the table,” Williams says.

“It just sits there.” 

If a picture of your smartphone’s camera is taken with a mobile device and it isn’t showing up on the camera’s settings, that’s usually because your phone’s network is down.

If that happens, it’s likely that your phone has a weak connection. 

Williams is also worried about a new update from the Android operating system, version 10.0.1, that brings the camera back online.

“It’s going to affect a lot of phones,” he says. 

What to do about it Williams says that if you have one of these cameras, it should be able to display your photos if the camera app is installed.

If not, you can try switching it off. 

But if you’ve had a bad experience, you could try contacting your mobile provider.

“The phone is the one thing that is probably going to be affected the most,” Williams warns. 

In most cases, the problem is a wireless network issue.

“I would say the issue is likely due to the fact that the phone has not been upgraded to a newer Android,” he explains. 

When you’re trying to fix your phone, Williams recommends installing the latest Android update.

“Most people will do that,” he advises. 

However, it might be worth waiting until the update is available.

“There is a very small chance of it being available as an update,” he adds, “but if there is, then it is very likely to be a fix.” 

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