Nest Security Camera: You don’t have to be a tech geek to use it


Brinks Home Security (NASDAQ: BRKS) is getting an interesting new tool to keep track of your home security devices.

The company, which already provides an Android app for home security cameras, is adding a companion app for the Ring Security Camera.

The Ring Security camera is a smart home security camera that works by sending information about your devices and apps to Nest Secure Analytics, which uses Nest’s proprietary smart home monitoring technology to provide real-time data about the devices and their security status.

The app allows Nest to monitor devices, including Nest Security Cameras and Nest Secure Cameras connected to Nest Protect, a Nest-branded security camera.

This is Nest’s smart home device security and monitoring solution. 

Brinks has already released a smart homes app for Android that provides a home security app that can be used to monitor a Nest Security camera, but the Ring app adds the ability to monitor multiple Nest Security cameras at once. 

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