Watch: NFL owners react to the latest in cybersecurity security breach


With more than 10 million accounts stolen from the U.S. Social Security Administration, the latest data breach has rattled the financial system and prompted questions about how the government can protect consumers against the next big cyberattack.

A cybersecurity breach at Equifax has raised questions about the federal government’s ability to protect the financial industry, which accounts for more than half of all federal employees and is the largest employer of people in the U,000.

The government has yet to provide any clear answer on what happened.

A cybersecurity breach by another security firm, FireEye, has also raised questions.

The government says it has no information to indicate that any federal employees have been impacted.

Equifax said on Thursday that it has suspended operations and suspended payments to its customers, although it did not provide further details about the situation.

A spokesperson for the Treasury Department’s Office of the Inspector General, which oversees cybersecurity, said it was not investigating the Equifax breach.

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