Newest security cameras are in use in Sydney’s CBD


A new wave of security cameras is rolling out in Sydney.

The first to hit the streets of the CBD this month is the National Bank of Australia building in Parramatta.

The new cameras are being installed in order to protect customers from the spread of crime and fraud.

“We have to make sure we’re keeping a high level of security,” said John Pappalardo, chief executive of the National Security Authority.

“What’s been happening is people have been breaking into the bank.

It’s been an extremely high-profile incident.”

The first security cameras installed in SydneyThe security cameras will be installed in the National Banks branch at the Parramatha Bank, the Parapan Am Business Centre and the Bank of Barakah.

The National Bank building will be the only one of the banks that has its own security cameras.

The new cameras will not be in service yet, but they will be put in place over the next few weeks.

Security cameras are installed at the Australian Capital Territory’s Parramata branch.

The security camera installed in ParapanamayaThe security security cameras were installed to give people extra time to get their transactions completed.

The camera is currently installed at Bank of Parramatan.

A new security camera in SydneySecurity cameras have been installed in several buildings in Sydney, including Parramatawerra, the CBD, and the Parliament House.

The cameras are expected to be in place by the end of the year.

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