‘Security gate’: Is it a security camera?

A security gate is a security device that can be placed outside a building or office.It can also be placed inside a building and monitored.It’s a common security device for companies and is often used by law enforcement agencies.A security camera, on the other hand, is used to capture the security of an area.But, according


How to watch the National Security Movie, a documentary about the history of US drone warfare and the future of US policy

We’re at a tipping point, in which US drone strikes have become the norm, and US military spending has skyrocketed.We’re watching the film that’s being made about it.It’s called The Drone Wars, and it’s being produced by the nonprofit group The Intercept.The Intercept has been fighting the National Endowment for Democracy (NED), the nonprofit organization


What to expect at retirement from your job?

Posted October 12, 2018 06:11:14A new survey from Vivint Security Systems shows that over the past five years, nearly half of the world’s workers are paying higher salaries than they are retiring from their jobs.The survey, commissioned by Vivint, found that in the last five years of the global financial crisis, almost half of all


How to find and fix a security breach

Security breaches are an inevitable part of a cybersecurity operation.The job of security researchers is to identify and fix vulnerabilities in a system before a breach is discovered.They do this by gathering and analyzing information about vulnerabilities and exploiting them.To find the flaw in a security system, researchers first collect the relevant data.Then they use