How security first: how to build an API in an automated way


When you want to build a service that allows users to securely manage their data, you’ll need a secure API, which is what AWS has in its AWS CloudFormation service.

The CloudFormations API is designed to allow developers to integrate the data management of their business with their existing applications.

The service offers various types of APIs, including ones that let developers integrate their own services or those that let them add services to existing services, including the ability to connect to AWS services.

However, when you build a secure service that lets you connect to an AWS service, you need to be prepared to provide a certificate for the service, which you’ll be required to do by law.

You also need to install and configure an AWS Security Token (SST), which is a key that allows access to your service and to other services.

In this post, we’ll take a look at the steps you need for building a secure CloudFormating API in AWS.


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