How to create a security puppet service on Linux


Posted February 06, 2018 05:13:23I have created a security service on my Linux box.

I wanted to deploy a service that could access my database, so I started with creating a basic service.

I then created a more advanced service that would take care of managing the database. 

In order to deploy the more advanced server, I had to create the following services:The security service requires the following configuration files:I added the following lines to my services.yaml file: The security service needs to have the following user-id and group-id parameters: -id: the user id for the service -g: the group id for service -p: the password for service service name: the name of the service in plain text, eg. security-snowball.serviceThe service needs to have a user-group, which can be specified by using the group-id and user-id parameter.

The group-ids are the groups within the group of the security service that need to be granted access.

I did not need to specify any other user-groups. 

The service will start listening on port 9999. 

To start the service, I just have to start the file on my local system and the service will be started with the user-agent of the current user.

The service also accepts a password to access the database, which is provided by the user group I specified in the service configuration. 

Now that I have a service running on my system, I could deploy it anywhere, using a simple HTTP request. 

I also deployed the service on a Linux box that I use to manage the MySQL database.

security puppet

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