How to set up a fake Twitter account to make you look like a fraudster


By now you should know that Twitter has been hacked and the Twitter account of the #FakeNews Twitter account was compromised.

This account was set up to appear as a legitimate Twitter account and the hacker also got the username of the account and password.

The fake Twitter accounts that Twitter set up were also a source of controversy because they were fake.

There was no way that the Twitter hack could have been made by a person with an account on Twitter, or that the hacker could have gotten access to the Twitter accounts credentials.

The accounts were set up so that they would appear as if they were created by a third party, which is why they could not be hacked.

The fake accounts also lacked any real-time information.

The Twitter account that was hacked is fake, and that’s a good thing.

It’s true that the hack is bad, but it’s also true that Twitter’s own internal guidelines say that it’s OK for users to use a fake account.

We all know that there’s a fine line between what constitutes “good” and “bad” behavior on the platform.

That’s not a case with the Twitter hacking, though.

Twitter has issued an apology for the hack, saying that it had not done enough to protect users and said that it was working to address the issue.

The hack appears to have come from an account belonging to someone in the United Kingdom who used the account for a short time and then deleted it.

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