PETA: ‘No one should be using pinkerton security cameras’


Fox News has obtained an internal memo obtained by The Associated Press showing the Animal Rescue League, a nonprofit organization based in Portland, Oregon, had a “policy of not allowing the use of security cameras or other surveillance devices” on its property.

The organization also says it has no plans to purchase or install new surveillance devices on its premises.

In the memo obtained Monday, PETA President and CEO John W. Whitehead wrote, “No one at Pinkerton Security should be accessing our property for security purposes.”

The organization is not affiliated with any animal rights groups, but the memo shows Whitehead was aware of the policy.

It also says Pinkerton is a contractor that provides security services for the Portland Police Bureau, which operates in a city with a high percentage of white residents.

PETA has a policy that allows use of surveillance cameras on property but says it’s up to the landlord to decide how they’re used.

Whitehouse wrote that the organization is “not involved” in “the purchase, installation or use of such devices.”

Pinkerton said in a statement Monday that it was unaware of the memo, but was “in the process of reviewing the incident” and would “take appropriate action.”

PETA’s statement did not address the memo or say it had changed its policy.

Whiteheads memo did not explain why Pinkerton had changed the policy, but it said it had taken “appropriate action” to “ensure the security of our property.”

The Associated Post is an AP partner.

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