What’s happening to all the police in America?


Police in the United States have a lot of equipment, but none of it’s really worth their while.

The majority of them, if you ask the police, are working to make the streets safe for pedestrians, joggers, cyclists and people with disabilities.

But it turns out there’s a lot more than that.

The problem is that most of these police are using equipment they’ve bought to make a quick buck, rather than helping people get safe from crime and other dangers.

We spoke to the police chiefs in the US and the chief of the police force in a major US city about their equipment and what they’re using it for.

Here’s what they told us. 

“I’m looking for a way to improve the quality of life for people” “If you go into a store or a park, there’s not much of a security camera system.” 

“A lot of people have to go through these security cameras to go shopping or to get to work.” 

‘It’s just a way for the police to make money'” “We have the capability to monitor everything.” 

“‘It’s a way of giving police officers a bit of extra cash to go out and do their job.” “

[It’s] a way that we can make a lot less money.” 

“‘It’s a way of giving police officers a bit of extra cash to go out and do their job.” 

 “Some of these equipment will allow them to do surveillance on people.” 

“These devices are a way, through cameras, to put a stop to people being walking around with a cane.” 

Police in the UK “It’s not something that’s really been deployed in the way that it should be.” 

There are some notable exceptions.

In the US, police use some surveillance equipment to keep track of suspected criminals and gang members.

The US National Guard and National Transportation Safety Board use similar equipment to look for stolen vehicles and weapons.

And in some cities, such as Los Angeles, the police use drones to look out for suspicious activity.

But there’s no way to see what these equipment actually do.

Police in Canada use their own cameras to make sure they don’t interfere with people.

And some of these cameras are used to record police interactions with the public. 

In Australia, police are not using this kind of surveillance equipment. 

The Australian Federal Police has only ever deployed one drone for its own use, which was in the field to help enforce the laws that allow police to shoot people with a firearm.

And the police are now testing drones to do more undercover work, according to The Australian. 

‘We want to make people feel safer’ “When we go out in public, we want people to feel safe.” 

What are the problems with police equipment? 

“The only thing we use is for the purposes of public safety.” 

The use of surveillance cameras is becoming more common, and people are beginning to ask the questions: “What’s going on with all this surveillance equipment?” 

Police chiefs across the US are asking themselves: “Is this a good use of police equipment?”

We spoke with police chiefs across five different cities in the USA, where the American Civil Liberties Union has been conducting investigations into the use of security cameras by local police departments.

The responses from the chiefs ranged from a “no” to a “yes”.

But they all said that they wanted to use technology to better protect people and improve their lives.

“We want people in our community to feel safer,” said Police Chief Jim Delaney in Minneapolis. 

Delaney was one of the first chiefs to take the issue seriously, when he first started his police force. 

Now, he says he wants to make his city safer for people, not just the officers. 

“(The cameras) make us feel safer, so we’re looking to see if they work,” he said. 

(Read more: ‘Cops have the technology to see who is who’: police chiefs tell the ABC)”We don’t have the equipment to make this as effective as we need to be,” he added.

“It’s only been in the last couple of years that we have the ability to do this.” 

In Austin, Texas, Chief Charlie Smith, the first African-American chief in the country, says that he wants the use, as part of his job, to help “make people feel safe”.

“I believe that this equipment is really important to have because it helps people feel better and helps people to be more accountable and more responsive,” he told us over the phone. 

When the American Association of Police Organizations released a report in June saying that police departments in the U.S. were using more surveillance equipment than they need, Delaney was among the first to push back.

“It seems like every week we see another police chief saying ‘I want to see these things before I make a decision about whether I

hidden security cameras

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