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Security firm Pulse Secure has revealed its Pulse Secure ID Secure ID Security app, which offers a secure password-reset feature, a “secure cloud” where your personal data can be stored, and access to “up to five times the data of a typical password reset”.

The app also offers a “faster and more secure” password generator. 

The app was recently released in the Apple App Store. 

It offers three levels of security for users, with “standard” for users with no need for a password and “premium” for those with more needs.

“We don’t believe in storing passwords for the world, only in our own data,” Pulse security director Mike Schmitt told The Verge.

“Pulse Secure has the highest data retention in the industry, with up to five logins per second.” 

Schmitt said Pulse Secure had a strong reputation in the security community and “we don’t want to let that get in the way of our customers who have been using Pulse Secure for years”.

Pulse Secure says its secure-store features “are designed to give our users a level of security and privacy that’s unmatched in the marketplace”.

Pulse also recently revealed that it had signed up 100 million customers to its service, and that it is now expanding its service to other markets.

Pulse Secure’s app is available for iOS and Android, and users can register for the app through the app store.

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