US Customs and Border Protection: The security industry is a $300 billion industry


US Customs & Border Protection has more than $300bn in assets. 

That’s a lot of people who want to make money doing a lot more than they should. 

So it’s no surprise that they’re worried. 

But here’s a simple way to understand the business. 

It’s a little bit like playing poker. 

You win and you lose. 

The riskiest part is always going to be the money. 

And the biggest risk is going to come when you lose your hand.

The risk is always there. 

We’ve all been there, and so have we.

The biggest problem we have in this country right now is that the country’s security is being bought at a time when there are still significant problems.

We’re in an era of extreme insecurity. 

Security is a huge, huge part of that.

The big security industries are not the only ones. 

In fact, the biggest threat to our country right about now is the threat posed by foreign hackers, and that is only going to get worse.

The world has changed, and the way we do business is changing too.

Security has changed. 

There’s no question. 

As a result, the world is watching. 

Its not just hackers anymore.

Its a whole lot of other people, too.

I don’t have a lot to say. 

All I can say is thank you for listening.

The most important thing we can do to protect our country is to keep working on the fundamental things we’ve been talking about for years. 

Keep working on building a world in which security is our number one priority.

I look forward to seeing you on Monday. 

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