Peoples Security Bank, an African startup, is suing Apple for allegedly violating the patents of its mobile payment platform


By Laura MeleorPublished January 06, 2019 08:24:59Peoples Security, an independent mobile payments company in Uganda, is in a lawsuit with Apple alleging that the Cupertino company infringed on three patents that it says are infringed by Apple.

The company says in the complaint filed on Thursday that it was forced to cancel the acquisition of the Apple Pay platform after the company was forced out of Uganda due to a patent infringement.

The complaint, filed in the U.S. District Court in Washington, D.C., said that Apple’s iPhone and Apple Pay are infringes of Peoples’ patent, which describes a system that allows users to “transfer money in cash and mobile payment in a decentralized fashion.”

Peoples is a joint venture between Peoples Bank and the World Bank and is based in Uganda’s capital city, Kampala.

The Peoples brand is synonymous with mobile payments in Africa and the company has received more than $500 million in funding, according to the complaint.

Peoples says that the infringement on Peoples patents was due to Apple’s failure to pay royalties on the patents.

The bank says that its “primary mission is to make financial transactions and to secure funds for the people of Uganda through the development of mobile payment systems,” and the bank is committed to developing innovative solutions to enhance the efficiency and quality of payments.

Peots legal team is headed by lawyer Richard R. Hennig, and its co-counsel is Michael Henniger.

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