How to set up your own Walmart security camera


Posted March 02, 2018 09:11:30Walmart is set to launch its first video surveillance system in the UK and it’s being billed as a key step towards securing its stores and staff.

Walmart’s UK security cameras are equipped with a wide range of security features including video, thermal imaging and audio recording.

The company’s announcement was accompanied by a press release from its Security Advisory Team (SAT), which includes experts from Walmart, IT firm Verint, and security consultants Acuity.

“We have invested in the best systems in the world to keep our customers safe,” said SAT Chief Executive, Tom Jones.

“Our security team has been working closely with our security partners to develop this capability.”

In order to use the system, a customer has to first register their CCTV footage, upload it to the store’s security camera network and then activate the service via their smartphone or tablet.

Once activated, the video is stored in the system’s central storage and will be available to the public when a customer requests to view it.

The security camera system can be used by anyone, including retail customers, who has access to the device.

There are currently a total of five UK Walmart stores in operation, all of which are connected to the system.

The system was announced on the official Walmart UK website on Tuesday, with the company announcing that it has “successfully completed a series of tests”.

It said that the security cameras were capable of “a wide range” of functions including surveillance, recording of criminal activity, and monitoring of customer interactions, which was a key reason it wanted to introduce the system in Britain.

“It’s important that people understand the importance of using these systems to secure our stores and their staff,” Jones said.

“We want to give people confidence in their shopping experience and ensure they can trust the integrity of the products they buy.”

Jones also noted that the company was working closely to develop a “new and improved” security camera that would be fully compliant with the UK’s new laws.

The announcement came as a fresh backlash against retailers over a series Ofcom complaints, which saw retail giant Tesco fined £1.2bn for failing to protect its staff and customers from fraudulent credit card and credit card payment schemes.

Walter Scott, the former boss of UK retailer Marks & Spencer, was also accused of “poorly monitoring his staff and allowing them to fall victim to fraudulent schemes”.

A Tesco spokesperson said the company had “no comment” when contacted by The Irish Press.

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