Home security systems could be hacked, too

Home security equipment can be hacked or stolen, security researchers warn, even when the equipment is installed and maintained by the same company.That’s a problem that could be exploited by a hacker who knows the security settings.“The security settings are the keys to your security,” said Adam D. Fink, senior security researcher at security firm


What’s the best way to protect your data?

The cybersecurity analyst who coined the phrase “secure synonyms” is speaking out again.In an exclusive interview with The Huffington Press, Edward Snowden, the NSA leaker, says that the NSA has no business telling users what they can and cannot do.“The NSA has the ultimate power,” Snowden said.“It’s in the hands of the president to say


House GOP votes to fund NSA surveillance

House Republicans on Wednesday voted overwhelmingly to fund a secretive surveillance program that the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence (HPSCI) called the “largest and most intrusive domestic program in American history.”The bill, which was approved on a 233-189 vote, would pay for the program, known as Section 702, through an annual appropriations bill.It is