When you have a public storage system, you’re vulnerable


An AP investigation has found that a publicly traded company has been selling security certificates for its storage systems without customers knowing.

The certificates are being sold to other companies for storage systems they are not designed for, like the Microsoft Storage Service.

The AP found the certificates are sold to companies with little or no security training, which makes it harder for consumers to identify the vendor and the company’s practices.

The AP is continuing its investigation into how these certificates are made.

The company’s website lists two locations for its certificate sales: a California office and an Illinois office.

The website says the certificates were first sold to the public on May 2, 2017.AP investigative reporter Jason Foust found that the certificates for Microsoft Storage Services were purchased in January, with no security review.

That means that it’s not clear how they were approved, how they got approved, or what precautions were taken to ensure consumers were not buying these certificates without knowing the vendor.

The certificate sold to a storage company with no safety or security training is valid only for up to four years.

That’s far short of the six-month certification requirements for public storage systems.

This certificate, however, is valid for up a decade, and Microsoft Storage Security Systems says it can renew it for another two years.

The certificates, which are still available for purchase, are not sold for a long period of time, the company said.

The certificate is not required for customers to use Microsoft Storage Storage Services, the website says.

Microsoft Storage Security Solutions’ website says it sells certificates for storage services that are “designed for storage that is not meant for enterprise use.”

The company says it has no connection to Microsoft Storage, or the storage provider.

The Microsoft Storage Group says the company does not offer storage services.

Microsoft has not provided information to verify this statement.AP did find a certificate that had expired for two years in the public storage account of the company that has been using the certificates.

The expiration date was May 2.

AP asked the company to provide that information.

The company declined to provide the information.AP said in a written statement that it will continue to investigate and pursue its findings.

This is the second time Microsoft has been investigated for selling certificates that expired more than two years ago.

The first time, Microsoft said it stopped selling certificates in 2017.

Microsoft Security Solutions did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

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