Wal-Mart is selling security cameras for $5,000


Wal-mart is selling a security camera for $10,000 that can remotely activate the lights and cameras on the store’s security cameras.

The security cameras can be installed on a single floor, with one on each side of the store.

They’re designed to be able to operate independently, according to a Wal-marts marketing video.

Walmart says the security cameras are also used in the restaurant and retail environments, and can also be used to help customers understand the store security procedures.

The camera is an optional feature in a Walmart’s security camera system.

You can see what’s going on in the store when the cameras are turned on.

You won’t need to turn on the security camera in your living room or your kitchen.

The cameras can provide a more detailed picture of what’s happening around the store, so you’ll be able see when employees are coming in and out of the stores.

It can also help you understand what is going on with the people inside the stores, according the Wal-Marts marketing.

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