The best and worst jobs in Canada: Canadians want to get their jobs back


Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says the country is looking to get back to work following the federal election and says the government is ready to make progress on an election promise.

Trudeau’s Liberals have vowed to roll back the Conservative government’s controversial anti-terror legislation.

Trudeau, who won a majority government in a snap election last October, said the federal government is “ready to get things moving on an issue that we all agreed was important.”

But Trudeau also told reporters Monday that Canada’s political class is looking for the next chapter in the country’s economic and social transformation.

“We are ready to get moving on the economic and security issues,” Trudeau said.

“The economy is going to be a huge part of the future.

It is going and it’s going to require a lot of work.”

Trudeau said his government is focused on “getting Canadians back to the workforce.”

“There is no question that we need to do a better job on the economy,” he said.

He added that the federal Conservatives were “playing politics” in their election campaign.

“What is their message?

Is it to be scared?

No,” he told reporters.

Trudeau said the government has made “major progress” in securing the release of political prisoners and is committed to getting the Canada Pension Plan paid out in full.

But the Liberals are still awaiting the release, which has been delayed several times.

The Prime Minister also said his Liberal government has committed to renegotiating NAFTA.

Trudeau says Canada is “totally committed” to reaching a “fair and equitable” free trade agreement with the United States.

He said the Liberals will seek to negotiate “a fair and equitable deal for Canadian workers, for Canadian consumers and for Canadian businesses.”

The Liberal Party won the majority in the Sept. 4 election.

Trudeau is expected to announce a “transition plan” for the federal Liberals on Monday, and says he has committed a $4.4 billion investment in infrastructure.

Trudeau also says he is looking at ways to boost the economy in the face of climate change, including by supporting energy efficiency measures and creating jobs.

He says the economy is “really starting to recover” after years of recession and that Canada is now “the second-largest economy in North America.”

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